How to Make 100% Natural Solid Perfume [DIY Recipe]

Updated: Jan 25

I admit, I am a perfume addict. I love, love, love sniffing it an dousing myself with the wonderful aromas of a classic perfume. If Coco Chanel were alive, she would have to adore me as I have given her a good bit of business buying her unmatched creations.

I love you Chanel perfume, but you have to go.

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Only recently did I start looking into what actually is in pefumes. First I realized, following the Environmental Working Group's guidelines that any product featuring the mysterious "fragrance" on its list of ingredients, could be suspicious. If this is true for products where fragrance is only an addition, then actual perfume must be loaded with some "nasties."

Especially, since for the last several decades, the European Union, were many of my favorites are made, has prohibited using animal products such as natural musk in perfumes. The special notes that were obtained from such products are now substituted by synthetic materials (phthalates and synthetic musks). Then there are solvents, fixatives and other potentially hazardous ingredients that are commonly used in production of perfumes and fragrances:

  • acetone,

  • ethanol,

  • benzaldehyde,

  • formaldehyde,

  • limonene,

  • methylene chloride,

  • camphor,

  • ethyl acetate,

  • linalool

  • and benzyl alcohol.

I quickly realized that cleaning up my beauty routine has to include finding an alternative to my beloved, but potentially hazardous, synthetic fragrances (Goodbye Coco and Chanel 19!) I want only clean, green beauty now!

I tried using essential oil roll-ons which work fine but seem to evaporate pretty fast. Then I discovered a better way to dilute and preserve the aromatic essential oils. And it is so simple anyone can do it!

It takes only three infgredients:

1 TBS beeswax (or vegan wax like carnuba)

1 TBS liquid oil like jojoba, grapeseed or olive

35-40 drops of essential oil or essential oil blend (I used this one this time)

Melt the beeswax and oil in a double boiler or in short burst in microwave. When melted wait a few minutes for the mixture to cool down, then add the essential oil(s). Pour into a 1 oz tin or jar. That's it! It will solidify in a few more minutes and can be used right away. The scent has a great staying power, a whole day or longer.

Super simple to make, 100% natural perfume, good for you and the planet

The best part is you can play wiht the scent, make it floral or citrusy, woodsy or musky, or herbal or sweet, or mix a few scent families. The possibilities are endless.

It make sense to always include a top, middle and base note. Top and base together should be about the same amount as middle. For example 10 drops of grapefruit, 20 drops of cardamom, and 10 of rose.

Or go for a pre-blended mix like my new favorite from Eden's Garden: Golden State (with 15+oils including the elusive sandalwood, agarwood, and tuberose, yum!)

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