How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally [DIY Recipe]

Updated: Feb 7

Are you a fan of the Japanese fermeted wine called Sake? If you aren't, you will be after reading this post. And I don't mean a fan of drinking it. I mean a fan of putting it onto your skin and getting an amazing glow in result.

Get Glowing Skin with This DIY Essence

What is Facial Essence?

Essence is a liquid formula that specifically targets various skin issues such as wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Best essences contain active ingredients meant to improve your skin's natural cell turnover rate - for example fermented yeast. If you use it regularly, you should be able to see your skin getting brighter, plumper, and revitalized. Some essence makers claim that only a few weeks are enough to take your skin from meh to wow!

Why should essence the essential step in your skincare regimen? 

Toners, essences and serums are sometimes confused and used interchangeably.

So what are they and what are the differences between them?

One major difference is that toners are used to prepare the skin to better absorb the skincare products that follow them like essence, serum, and moisturizer. The three products also differ in concentration of active ingredients from the lowest in toners to the highest in the serum.

Do you need toner, essence, and serum all together?

Generally, I want to simplify my skincare routine. The less steps the better. But there are some specific benefits to adding an essence to the other steps in your skincare regimen.


I use a toner after cleansing to restore skin’s PH levels to a normal level. This step is especially important if you are using soap-based cleanser. With a soap cleanser, your skin’s PH levels will be stripped of its lipid barrier and a little off immediately after cleansing. Using a toner like the one I make here or a store-bought, alcohol-free Thayers (affiliate link) will not only bring your skin’s PH level back to optimal, but also it will replenish the lost moisture. I use toner even if I cleanse will oil (my preferred method of cleansing for a while now) to remove any leftover dirt and oily residue.


Essence would be the step following the toner. It is packed with nutrients to a much higher degree than a toner but it is also more lightweight and less concentrated than a serum. It serves as a skin food and additional layer of moisturization.

Because essence is pretty watery, I put it in a spritzer bottle and spray directly only face. This is meant to avoid wasting of the product by spilling it onto the hands. After spritzing you can gently pat or tap it into the skin and give it a minute or so to skin in before applying the next step of your routine.


Serums are the thickest of the three water-based products (but still much lighter than creams and butters, and facial oils). Since they are so highly concentrated, you will use less and so they usually come in smaller bottles, usually with a dropper or a measured dispenser. An ideal serum is packed with specific nutrients for your specific skin concern. For best absorption, gently massage it into the skin, or use it with a jade roller or nano chip on a derma-pen (affiliate link) . This will ensure a much deeper delivery of these concentrated bioactive ingredients.

What is the best organic essence?

A quick glance at Sephora’s website will show many, many results for essence. Since the essences were born in Asia, many of the best essences are part of the Korean skincare or are inspired by Asian ingredients like Sake. Sake is produced by fermenting rice through a brewing process where the rice starch is converted into sugars. By adding yeast into the brewing process, these sugars are then fermented into alcohol. Now, it turns out that Sake has some pretty amazing properties that are beneficial to your skin.

“Sake can provide many positive benefits for your skin, such as evening your complexion’s appearance, gentle cleansing, reducing the blemishes of sun and age spots, helping to minimize signs of aging by lessening free radicals, brighter and tighter skin, and helping to soothe the inflammation from eczema and acne." (100% Pure)

A bottle of Sake based toner or essence can cost you anywhere from 40 to upward of 100 USD. A 750 ml bottle of good, organic Sake will cost you at most 15 USD. For me, the math is clear. I make my own Sake essence!

How to Make Organic Sake Facial Essence?

If you are looking for a diy essence for face, look no further. The one I started making is pretty amazing and I will gladly share the recipe for here here. It takes only two ingredients and the cost is truly minimal.

Get Unfiltered Sake for Most Benefits

You will need:

A spritzer bottle

3 Parts Mild Unfiltered Sake

1 Part Organic Aloe Vera Juice

Mix it up and you’re done. The consistency is watery but it has a little slip from the aloe vera juice. Instead of letting it soak through cotton pads, I find it works best if placed in transfer the spritz bottle and sprayed directly onto face.

After cleansing your skin, apply toner to remove all impurities and prep your skin for the essence. Then sprits the essence all over your face and neck.

If you’re so inclined you can add a few drops of essential oils of your liking. I don’t because I like the aroma of sake!

PS. Drink the remaining Sake with sushi or any Asian inspired dishes or mix it up with some brown sugar for a fantastic Sake Sugar Scrub.

Brown Sugar and Sake make an Amazing Scrub!


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